"YES to Vets"

 Yoga Education and Service to Veterans

YES to Vets

We provide on-going yoga classes in the community
at no charge for our veterans and their families.

We've chosen powerful, evidence-based yoga practices, 
and we adapt all the practices
 to best suit each veteran
and the unique challenges they face.


Benjamin Harrison YMCA  Saturdays 11:15 am. - 12:45 pm.  

This is a more physically challenging class than our two current classes.  We'll do all the same powerful inner practices like the breathing, eye focus, internal energy gateways and present moment awareness... as well as poses like triangle, planks and down dog.  We sit on the floor rather than use chairs.  Taught by Alli Steinke. We're having a wonderful time, please join us!  New to yoga - OK!  

The yoga helped me more than anything else
I’ve done.
— Mel S., yoga research participant

In our 2010 VA-funded research study for veterans
with stroke injuries, all of our participants said
they would recommend yoga to family and friends.


Yoga is a non-invasive,
non-pharmacologic solution
to many of the challenges our veterans face


is to serve

our United States Veterans and their families

by teaching evidence-based yoga techniques

and providing support in their practice

through on-going community classes.  

What We Offer

  • Yoga classes in the community at no charge designed for veterans

  • An evidence-based practice used in our successful research studies through the
    Roudebush Veterans Administration, Indpls

  • Practices that influence:
    pain, sleep, balance, stress and self-regulation

  • Experienced yoga teachers and assistants providing individual help

  • Family is also welcome free of charge

  • A friendly group of 10 - 18 other veterans welcoming you to class!

Yoga may be more therapeutic than traditional exercise
because the combination of postures, breathing and meditation
may produce different effects than simple exercise, researchers said.
— American Heart Association, study "Yoga may help stroke survivors improve balance"